Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Warm Day in January

Yesterday was a warm and beautiful day. In the morning, Captain Adorable practiced writing lowercase letters in his Kumon workbook (guess what? He loves it! Much more fun than writing on his chalkboard!). After lunch, we went for a little walk around the neighborhood...well actually, I walked and he rode the new scooter Oma and Opa gave him for his birthday. We stopped at the little playground along the way, where I sat on a bench and he played. After a while, he asked me to push him on the swing, but instead I tried (yet again) to teach him to pump his legs and swing for himself. This accomplished nothing but annoyed him so much he got off the swing set and wouldn't talk to me anymore, so I went back to my bench.

Once home, we draw the solar system in chalk on the driveway. Capt. Adorable drew the Earth, the moon, and Jupiter. In fact, he took such care and time drawing those that I did all the other planets. While drawing, he told me fact after fact (did you know our earth has a solid core and our moon has frozen water in the craters? Did you know that astronomers call Pluto (now known as a dwarf planet), the Lonely Wanderer?). He he learned it all from A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations--and How You Can Find Them in the Sky by Michael Driscoll and Meredith Hamilton, which I bought for Hanukkah, and he absolutely loves. We had a great time with our solar system drawing, and because we were outside we got to chat with a couple of neighbors who were out taking advantage of the beautiful weather as well.

Later we went to the big playground in our neighborhood and there were a few other families out playing also. We had a great time, and towards the end of the afternoon, all the kids big enough were on the swings. I saw Captain Adorable happily pumping himself on the swing!!!!!!!!!!! He figured it out at last. A wonderful warm day in January!