Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Adventures

Wonderful to be outside again. We like to eat outside on the screened-in porch, play in the sandbox, go to the playground, climb trees, plant plants, ride bikes, and go sailing. I got to go up in the bosun chair for the first time ever. Some of the activities listed above are pictured below. The last photo is of me in the bosun's chair, though!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I Wanted To Hear!

Had another CT scan yesterday. I have only the preliminary report so far, but it shows no new cancer! So, life moves on.

I've been thinking a lot about how incredibly blessed/lucky I am to have such an unusual cancer. How my weirdness, the oddity of my disease, and my access to lots of good, smart doctors and high tech medical equipment and facilities, has led to a balance between me and my cancer (which is also me, really). I never thought I'd make it to this point. I thought I'd be dead by now. In fact, I started out this blog questioning whether I should even start chemo because I didn't know if the pay off would be worth it in the end. And really, the only reason that it did pay off for me is because I am odd. I am one of a very small percentage of people who gets to live this story.

I am so astounded and amazed to be alive, to have the responsibility of the future back.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not So Much Work

Captain Obvious has been working very hard on the boat lately. In fact, he works on it every weekend. He has no choice--it has to go back in the water as soon as possible (because every extra day costs money of course). The good news is that once all this work is done, it does not have to get done again...for a while, anyhow...

Of course I love spending time with Captain Adorable, but he misses his time with daddy on the weekends. We know this, but today he made it very clear. The two of us went to the boat yard to drop off lunch and hang out for a little bit (admittedly, I really did not want to go--I am sick and was in the middle of getting the house ready for my parents' arrival). After lunch Capt. Obvious went back to painting so we took a little walk around the yard--I love looking at all the other boats around and Capt. Adorable just loves to explore!

We looked at several boats, including a MacGregor--a speed boat/sail boat hybrid--very interesting! We also saw a pretty little sailing dinghy and I pointed it out to my little Captain, saying that it was just the right size for him for when he is maybe 5 or 6. We walked over to look it at it and he remarked that it was a good boat because since it was not too big it would not need too much work, "just a little work and then ta-da, it is done!"

Friday, April 1, 2011

Backhanded Compliments

OK, not really. The truth is Captain Adorable is just innocently honest and says what he thinks. Thank goodness what he has been saying is complimentary. Here are two recent ones.

I made french toast for his breakfast and after telling me how delicious it was, he offered me a bite. (Which I longed to indulge in but did not take since I knew if I had the bite I'd have a whole piece of my own!) I said, "no thank you." With a smile on his face, he asked, "if you eat it you will get fat again?"

 We were driving home from preschool, talking about what we were going to do when we got home. The plan was to eat lunch and then paint the rudder. (That boat paint has to be applied outside and can only be put on when the temperature is at least 50, so the window of time was important. This was the only time Captain Obvious asked me to paint the boat, so far anyhow haha.) Captain Adorable was asking what I would wear--he loves wearing his work clothes or "paint clothes," and he's noticed I haven't got any. He told me I would have to wear "a pair of pants that is old and too big for you, like your grey pants." A sunburst-like swell of love for him surged through my heart at that moment!

My 4-year-old notices the change I've worked so hard for! :D