Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not So Much Work

Captain Obvious has been working very hard on the boat lately. In fact, he works on it every weekend. He has no choice--it has to go back in the water as soon as possible (because every extra day costs money of course). The good news is that once all this work is done, it does not have to get done again...for a while, anyhow...

Of course I love spending time with Captain Adorable, but he misses his time with daddy on the weekends. We know this, but today he made it very clear. The two of us went to the boat yard to drop off lunch and hang out for a little bit (admittedly, I really did not want to go--I am sick and was in the middle of getting the house ready for my parents' arrival). After lunch Capt. Obvious went back to painting so we took a little walk around the yard--I love looking at all the other boats around and Capt. Adorable just loves to explore!

We looked at several boats, including a MacGregor--a speed boat/sail boat hybrid--very interesting! We also saw a pretty little sailing dinghy and I pointed it out to my little Captain, saying that it was just the right size for him for when he is maybe 5 or 6. We walked over to look it at it and he remarked that it was a good boat because since it was not too big it would not need too much work, "just a little work and then ta-da, it is done!"

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