Friday, May 10, 2013

Adventures with Clifford

Captain Adorable's class recently finished a unit on plants. Among other learning projects, they planted green beans and brought the seedlings home at the end of the unit. We transplanted the seedling into a bigger pot so it could grow bigger and maybe even produce green beans. (Which is ironic for me to put all this care into a green bean plant as I am a life-long green bean hater.)

You may notice a red stuffed toy dog in these photos. The kindergarten class has this dog, "Clifford" and each child gets to bring it home for a few days. Each family is supposed to take photos to put in a book and write about the adventures the child had with Clifford. The adventures are mostly things like "We went to my brother's hockey practice," and "We ate ice cream together," but some are more exciting. For example, the teacher had Clifford first, and she took him on a ski trip! Capt. Adorable had Clifford for an extra long time because he had an extra cool adventure to share! His uncle got tickets to see the Capitals play the Rangers in playoff game #2 from a box at the Verizon Center! Capt. Adorable was really excited and asked his teacher for permission keep Clifford long enough to take him along to the match.

The funny thing is, Capt. Adorable became a Rangers fan that night. He went to the game as a Caps fan but felt so sorry for the Rangers, who were playing an exciting game in an arena full of loud, enthusiastic Caps fans all wearing red (the Rangers' color is blue), that he switched teams to give the Rangers some encouragement, cheered for them and was angry when the Caps won!