Saturday, September 22, 2012

Summertime and the Living is ... Still Going

Hello my dear readers! I guess I've been ignoring my blog all summer long. I am sorry I've been neglectful. Mostly I was busy and happy and life moved fast and fun. Then there event...I am not comfortable sharing. Maybe someday, but not now. I was knocked down for a while. However, I am recovering and moving along.

Over 5 years ago I had my first thorecotomy on September 6, 2007.  I was given my cancer diagnosis about a week later. Here I am, alive, and, all things considered, doing really well.

I have been thinking about and planning a 5 year anniversary blog entry. As you may know, being alive 5 years after diagnosis was not what was predicted. I did not expect to be here now. Much less helping Captain Adorable transition to kindergarten, supporting my beloved Captain Obvious (10 years of marriage woo yeah!), and starting a new project...but more about all of that next post, I promise! ;)

Please continue, dear readers and friends, to stay tuned for my 5 year anniversary blog post. Look for it in October. I have a lot of writing and rewriting to do before then!