Friday, April 13, 2012

Nothing To See Here

Sorry I've not posted in a while--I guess I've not had much I wanted to share. I had a colonoscopy/esophagogastroduodenoscopy with multiple biopsies of the stomach and intestinal lining on March 23. There is a new prep (MoviPrep) and it was easier and better than the stuff I had to take last time (GoLightly). Still not easy or fun, but not as awful as I remember! No biopsy results yet, but I assume they were normal since everything else was. Then the CT scan on March 30 showed the part of my lung that was affected by the RFA on Jan 11, but no other new growth. My next CT scan is June 30 (in 3 months), so we are back to observation mode. Which is good.

Immerman Angels asked me to take on a second match, so I am again trying to help someone else (similar in age, family situation, and has a similar cancer) who has recently been diagnosed take this all in and deal with it somehow. I hope I can help her--this cancer stuff is so deep and so wide. It changes you forever.

Captain Adorable is growing fast, learning fast, and has a great summer planned. He starts kindergarten (sob!) this fall. Captain Obvious, as usual, works hard on many projects and sometimes makes time for fun, too. My parents have finally finished their straw bale guest house and it is amazing! Makes me want to go to Tennessee more often.