Friday, February 18, 2011

Basement Excitement

Today was an exciting day. Last night we discovered that the sewer line had backed up and we had sewer water all over the inside of our basement. Stinky, disgusting, and depressing. Also potentially a lot of work and very expensive. Of course, my darling Captain Obvious was up early and ready to attack the problem with his usual combination of confidence and optimism. I helped as much as I could (which mainly involved standing by and cheering him on) until he discovered roots and there was nothing more he could do. I drove Capt. Adorable to a much-anticipated outdoor playdate (it was a gorgeous day today--the thermometer in my car said it was 80 degrees farenheit as I pulled out of the parking lot on the way home). Captain Obvious made some calls and got things done. By the time we got home, a temporary fix had been made (they dug a deep hole into the yard removed a big root ball) and they promise to be back at the beginning of the week to make a permanent fix. The insurance company sent out a cleaning service (I mean there was POOP down there--POOP!) to get everything cleaned up. Fortunately, everything that was ruined can be replaced and most of the things that were touched by the POOP but not ruined (wooden furniture as opposed to cushions, for instance) could be washed by the cleaning service using a sprayer and some super-sterile anti-bacterial solution. I had been afraid they'd have to throw everything out.


Diana said...

Oh honey, what a terrible thing to happen!!! I'm so glad you at least don't have to throw everything out - what a nasty surprise! And super kudos to your sweet Captain Obvious for being willing to even try to tackle the mess. We wouldn't know where to begin!

Rose said...

Lots of stuff was ruined--including the cushions for the boat. Old as they were, they worked for us and now they are ruined. I really hope we are reimbursed enough to replace them. Do you have any idea how expensive boat cushions are? Ugh.

Fortunately the wood furniture from my grandma's apartment was salvageable. :D