Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Milestones

Captain Adorable hit two big milestones this summer.

1) He learned how to swim. He is learning the crawl and is attempting to swim on his back these days. I had heard reports about this from Captain Obvious, but when bar study was over and I saw it for myself, I was really surprised! The kid can really swim!

2) He rides a pedal bike with no training wheels. I knew he could do this for months already, but he did not believe. We tried in the spring and I thought he was ready then, but he requested that the training wheels go back on. Then one day (a couple of weeks ago) he had heard me tell other people that I thought he could ride without training wheels. The next day he asked that we take the training wheels off and after one big frustration he rode it without problems. The training wheels will never go back on again. He goes faster than ever, but has developed a new respect for steep hills (which is fine with me), as he is still learning to use the brakes instead of his feet. He has even declared that he likes his pedal bike better than his Strider, so we've loaned it to a little boy across the street.

Tomorrow I have a CT scan. Will post results of course.

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