Saturday, April 4, 2009

Feeling Better Than Usual

Well, the change in accompanying drugs has helped a lot. I am awake and not miserable. Granted, I don't want to do much besides sit on the couch with my computer, but it looks to me like getting rid of the compazine is going to improve my post-chemo period quite a bit. I like this move towards chemo day (I'd be happy with chemo weekend) instead of chemo life. Yes, I still have all sorts of little tortures (the red, hot face from steriods, the thin and dry skin, the tight fingers and calves, et cetera) but they are bearable and don't consign me to bed for hours at a time.

I feel even more confident about getting a bike now. But maybe a good place to start is just by taking Captain Adorable and his bike and a stroller to the places where I would like to bike and just check them out. Not today, but maybe by Wednesday or Thursday I will feel up to venturing out.

Thank goodness my mother is here still and I have her invaluable help with Captain Adorable and household chores. I can see that without her around we are going to eat a lot of sandwiches or convenience foods for dinner. I suppose I ought to get more organized and make food that I can freeze till we need it while I feel good, but honestly, there are so many things I'd rather be doing during that time...sigh.


rachel said...

glad u aren't feeling so bad.

Amina said...

So glad to hear the rearrangement of the meds is working well.
Maybe on the days you feel good and enjoy creative cooking, you just do twice as much and freeze half. It's possibly more economical as well in the long-run. Even your lovely bread probably freezes well.
And allow yourself something nice and ready-made from the health store - or something wicked from a take-away once in a while.

Diana said...

Oh I'm so glad you're feeling better. And that it will be something that can be duplicated through all the other chemos that you'll have to undergo. Because chemo is supposed to make you be able to LIVE life, right? Not make you miserable.

SofĂ­a says hi, and bangs a (clean) paintbrush at you. :)