Monday, April 20, 2009

Nice Days

I've been feeling better (though still have low-level nausea a lot of the time) for the last few days. Since Sunday, really. Captain Adorable and I went to the first music class (a make-up since we missed our first official one the week before we registered for the class) and it was So Much Fun! Capt. Adorable sings and dances and participates in everything the class does. Even the teacher commented that he was "so engaged," and she was impressed that he was already singing a fifth (we sing "clean up" when it is time to put away whatever instruments we have been playing). I don't really care if these classes make my little one sing on key and move rhythmically, but I do care a lot that he has fun in a way that is good for his brain! These music classes seem to really appeal to him--I don't know if he is just developmentally at the perfect place for the classes or if he's a musician...whatever, we've got our second one, at our official time/day, tomorrow.

He sings a lot. Not necessarily the proper tune or all the words of the song, but he knows several songs now (Bah Bah Black Sheep, Rock A Bye Baby, ABCs, Hush Little Baby, Row Row Row Your Boat, and Happy Birthday). It is really sweet when he sits in his car seat and bursts into Row Row Row Your Boat or when out on a walk in the woods starts singing about the baby in the treetops (Rock A Bye Baby). And of course anytime anyone mentions a birthday, he will say or sing Happy Birthday with a big smile on his face. He's still making jokes; after his bath tonight he told me that ducks say moo and he eats trees. :)

So, Captain Obvious has been gone on his training trip since Sunday. Being the sole parent/care giver is a bit difficult--especially during that time after dinner but before bed...when I am tired from the day but there is no one to relieve me. Still, it is not too bad and we are making it fine. Yesterday and today were nice days. I am enjoying giving Capt. Adorable his baths (usually a Capt. Obvious thang) because I get to see how he plays with his bath toys. He does like to splash, but has been well trained by his Daddy, so only rarely does he stomp in the water or something similar enthusiastically enough to be reprimanded. He also has this foam alphabet, which sticks to the tile, and much to my surprise, he knows 7 letters of the alphabet. He knows O for Opa, M for his own name, T for mama's name, K for daddy's name, D for dump truck, B for bulldozer, and I for ice cream. He will find the letters, tell you what the letter is called and what it is for, and then put it up on the tile. He often puts the M "high up." It used to be that he always B was for bird, and when I'd say B is for bulldozer, he'd say "No!" but now he always says B is for bulldozer. Yes, he loooooves construction equipment.

I think he also loves the fact that Mama is not sick mama this week.

He misses his Daddy a lot though. Today he told me he wanted to send an email to tell Daddy to come home, and a few minutes later he said he was going to go find Daddy. He especially misses Daddy at dinner time. Both yesterday and today he cried for Daddy then. :( I just hold him and kiss him and tell him that Daddy will come home on Friday.


Laura said...

That window between dinner and bedtime is one of my harderst too, some days I dont even think I can make it...and I am not dealing with chemo or anything. Glad things are going good, the music class sounds like fun.
Friday will be here before you know it!
By the way, I have been reading your blog now for over a year, but previously I was commenting under Anonymous, in case you are wondering were I appeared from. Have a great week!

Diana said...

How adorable! Does he get to talk to daddy on the phone?

Amina said...

I love the idea that he is telling jokes. These are just the kind of jokes I like to make with my great-nieces. First they look at me as if I'm mad, then they see my smile and they love to say 'No silly Auntie...' The idea that he is already telling his own jokes is brilliant (as are his skills with letters!)
I am impressed!