Friday, December 14, 2012

Calling For Gun Control

I got a text from Captain Obvious which read "Omg school shooting" and my heart sank as I ran to the computer. I wondered aloud, "Is today the worst day of my life?" I searched our county school web site for information. I also texted back to ask for more information of course but there was no response. After finding nothing about a school shooting locally, I went to CNN and there I found the news about the shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut. Today is the worst day of some parents' lives. I texted back "Ok we're never sending him to school again."

I mourn for the children and adults who were shot. I mourn for the children and adults at the scene. I mourn for the hundreds of families (the school had over 600 students) and thousands of people who are affected by this tragedy.

There was a police officer at pick up at Captain Adorable's school this afternoon and there will be one on Monday as well. But neither keeping our children home nor sending police to school is the answer. We need gun control. No more mass shootings at malls and movie theatres and schools.

Get the guns out of my country.

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