Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spritz Cookies

I made spritz cookies to take to my friend's cookie exchange this year. I bought a cookie press last year to make churros after my icing bag failed at the task of squeezing out the stiff dough, and so I thought I'd try using it to make cookies. They were easy and fun to make! Then I iced them (with a simple confectioners' sugar and milk combination). I dressed up the icing with different colors and extracts (vanilla in the white, almond in the green, and maple in the red). I could not prevent Captain Adorable from helping me (smile) but was really surprised at his careful work--he placed all the nonpareils on the wreaths! My platter won me the Martha Stewart prize for the second year running! (Honestly, the other guests don't give me much competition.) They tasted good, too. 

All three designs together.

Just the wreaths.

Just the snowmen--the one in the center was Capt. Adorable's favorite.

The candy-canes.

Next: rugelach. :)

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Diana said...

Beautiful! Would you email me your recipe for the spritz cookies? I made them this year too - an orange zest version - but they melted and spread too much. I should have iced them to make them look prettier. At least they were amazingly tasty - dipped in chocolate they were like what an orange milano cookie tries to be. :)