Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Captain Adorable Is 6!

Captain Adorable had a birthday recently, and it was a busy day. It was a busy weekend, in fact! On Saturday we got up at 6:00 to be at the ice rink by 6:40 so we could have all his equipment on so he'd be ready to hit the ice at 7:00. That afternoon our family went skating with another family at that same rink. Oh the ice is fantastic there! I loved being able to go so fast! Then out to dinner with them and home not-too-late since we had to get up early the next day for hockey again.

On Sunday we got to sleep in (haha): the alarm went off at 7:00 so that Captain Adorable could be suited up and ready to hit the ice at 8:00. Then we came home and he opened his presents--the big hit was a "'mote control truck" from Grandpa and Lita. He loved the Fly Guy books I got him (at his request) too. Then he and Captain Obvious hung out and played and did some more work on the china cabinet Capt. Obvious is refinishing while I went for a walk. We cut the next event a little close and arrived  just in time for Captain Adorable to join his basketball team for the team picture at 1:20. Then at 2:00 he played in his first basketball game!

Here are photos from the day. I decided a while ago to no longer publish photos of the Captains' faces. That is why when I do show photos of my son and my husband, they are out of focus or only show the top or back of heads. Still, I think you get the idea I am trying to share with these images.
Almost ready to hit the ice. 

Playing with the 'mote control truck while waiting for  Daddy to install the batteries in the 'mote.

On the basketball court. He's green number 1.

You'd think he would be tired from all that activity and excitement, but no, he was as energetic as ever. My tough hockey player! My little love who can skate faster than me and stop on a dime. My kindergartner trying his best to play basketball with his taller, older teammates. My tenacious pumpkin, who, despite the fact that none of his team mates passed him the ball during the basketball game, kept trying and participating. My sweet boy who loves to make poop, fart, and butt jokes. My darling whose reading skills are progressing and can count to 300 by 5s (among other math skills mastered). My persistent, confident boy who continues to make new friends at kindergarten while remembering his old ones from preschool. My helpful guy who now has 2 chores at home (setting the table for dinner and putting the clean dishes away from the dishwasher). He loves to make art. He loves to look at books. He loves to play games on the PS3 and the Wii. He loves to play football with his friends at recess. He sings lullabies with me when I put him to bed at night. The inventor of the hilarious nose playdate and the word "fartilated" (which is like ventilated). He brags a bit too much and sometimes is ungrateful. Oh I love my darling Captain Adorable and I am very proud of him. He is a well-behaved, sweet, confident, intelligent, funny, brave, sensitive, handsome, stoic, persistent, expressive, fiercely loving boy.


Nya gwa said...

Now THAT'S what I hope and dream for from motherhood :)

I was just thinking the other, Captain Adorable has the best winter ever. He gets the American Halloween, Thanksgiving, Sinterklaas, Hannukah, Christmas, New Year AND his birthday! That's like so much celebration! Maybe one day I can introduce him to my favourite festival, Bonfire Night, to add to the list xx

Rose said...

Yes, yes, it is. Party season starts in late October, follows through with family gatherings in November, then December is the big present month, then his actual birthday, and then his birthday party. We're talking 2 and a half months of parties and 6 weeks of presents! Of course there are no presents for the rest of the year--all concentrated at one time!

And yes, motherhood is wonderful. My favorite job ever.