Thursday, March 14, 2013

Digging For Gold

I finally understand the playdate problem I grumpily posted about back in January. All I have to do is invite the child over for a playdate. The mom doesn't come, so she doesn't have to clear her schedule. Captain Adorable gets to have a friend over, which he loves, and I get to know the kids he likes to play with. I don't feel comfortable sending my child over to a house I've never visited with people I've never met, but obviously this is simply par-for-the-course for many, so I guess I can take advantage of it and host playdates, yay.

Yesterday Capt. Adorable had a friend over. When they got home I gave them a snack (Clif bars, crackers, and an apple) and we sat at the table and talked. They showed me the buckets they had made in school (of paper and glue, how darling) to prepare for their planned activity of the afternoon--digging in our backyard. Apparently they were going to dig for gold, get lots of money, and "buy thousands of books!".

Here they are, hard at work (this was taken from a screened in area of our deck, sorry). You can see there is not much in our backyard besides trees and ivy, but we do have a fire pit and I asked them to dig well away from that.
I am now dreaming of a tree house and a zip line or three. :)

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