Monday, March 25, 2013


Recently I have become busy. Still not as busy as someone who works full time in addition to being a mother, but busy. I also have the option of stopping my busy-ness anytime I want, unlike someone who goes to a job everyday. However, I do spending a lot of time working for other people. I volunteer for Captain Adorable's school. I am on the yearbook committee and I go to school once a week for an hour to read with children from two kindergarten classes. Now and then I am lucky enough to get to come in to the classroom as a helper or a guest reader. In February I was elected President of my homeowners' association (HOA). In addition to those opportunities, I also have begun volunteering as an attorney for two pro bono organizations.

It makes me happy to volunteer. I like to contribute but I think I get more back! Working with the kindergarteners teaches me to understand the learning experience of beginning readers, which allows me to better help my beloved son to learn to read. My experiences volunteering as an attorney build confidence in my ability as a lawyer. My experience with the HOA makes me feel connected to and proud of my neighborhood and my neighbors.

I am so thankful to have these opportunities. I am so blessed to live this life.

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