Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sailing, Egg Hunting, Sewing

I've been pretty busy lately, as I think I noted in a previous post. Indeed, I have just accepted another volunteer opportunity--more expungement work. I have an official start date for the opening of my practice, so watch out! ;)

However, there has also been time for adventure, fun, and new projects.

The captains and I went sailing at the end of March. It was pretty cold but we anchored out for the night--kept warm in our sleeping bags. We tested the new auto-tiller. It will definitely make long trips more family-friendly!

We attended two egg hunts this year (the first one was our neighborhood party and the second one was the one we always go to, at the home of family friends).

And, in preparation for a new boating season, in which we hope to spent more time on the water, I have been sewing covers for the boat (a grill cover, a settee cushion cover, and a cover for the auto-tiller).
I've had to make a pattern for the auto-tiller cover, which is more difficult than you might think...let's hope it works out well!

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear things are moving on.
Happy times.
Debbie from Montreal