Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pie and Scones

There was another luncheon for teachers and staff at Captain Adorable's school. This time it was a breakfast-at-lunch theme and I made scones and savory pie. Of course there are many other contributors--people made quiche and other breakfasty/lunchy dishes.

Of course I had to make 2 pies because Spinach-Broccoli Ricotta Pie is one of Captain Adorable's favorite meals. (He even asked me to make it for his birthday dinner one year.) Captain Obvious was off on a sailing trip with his father and two brothers, so the pie I kept at home (made with all organic ingredients) was a special treat just for my beloved child and me. (The pie I sent to school was not decorated.) Here are some photos.

Ready for the oven (our pie).

Ready to eat.
Ready for the oven (teachers' pie).

Cooling on the counter. The pretty edge did not show after baking.
I also made Cream Scones With Currants--a most traditional scone. Delicious! Look, I had to taste test them ... ok I admit it; I ate more than one!
Ready to cut into individual scones.
Pop them in the oven!
On the cooling racks.
Did not get specific feedback this time, but I know the school staff enjoyed their lunch. And I enjoyed cooking for them.

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