Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In Tennessee!

OK, I'm up way too late and I know it. I am so tired what the hell am I still doing up? Maybe it just feels so good to not be sitting in a basement tytping this that I am inspired to stay awake a bit longer and a bit longerr...

Captain Adorable is still snotty and still snoring (and still very much insisting on sleeping "wif mama" despite his earlier insistence that he would "sleep in my own bed") so I am not looking forward to getting into bed to my own little snore factory...then again, that is a rather lame excuse. I am feeling much better, much less snotty, but still coughing a good amount. 3 doses of Tamiflu left. Onc said that the weird note in the xray report was simply that--a weird note and not to lose any sleep over it. CTs are far better than xrays and none of my CTs have ever shown anything like that.

I am happy to be here in Tennessee and these next few days may turn out to be too good to go back to Maryland till we are ready to move into the new house...we will see.

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bonnie said...

Hey, congratulations on the house deal! I would love to share some plants with you - I'll take cuttings from my rosemary, to root, in case you need extra!