Monday, October 26, 2009

Good Helper

Start the day off playing with your uncle's old toy tractor. (Those metal toys really last!)

Chill with your favorite dog.

Once your mama is ready, down the hill to the building site. Help Oma by using the hose to mist the render on the straw house so that she can apply the next layer. (Notice the red color of the render? (Very similar to the helper's hair color!) It gets that color from the local clay. The clay from the building site is being used as one of the ingredients in the render.)

Adding (pre-sifted) clay to the mixer to make the render.

Opa looks on while more ingredients go into the mixer.

Once mixed, the render goes into a wheel barrow.

Playing in the sand heap (sand is another ingredient of render).

A hard working boy needs a nap!


ewp11100 said...

Wow, that's any kids dream day! You guys are having so much fun, we miss you!

Amina said...

Maybe you could send him over to help me with some jobs at my house.

Anonymous said...

Your boy is beautiful!


Amina said...

He looks so much more like a little boy in these pictures... then you come to the last one and see a trace of baby still in there
a lovely sequence