Saturday, October 17, 2009

Only One Day Late

Well, we went to closing on October 16 instead of October 15. (The buyers were 30 mins late.) I am still very annoyed that the whole thing was delayed, but it seems it was not the buyers' agent's fault after all. The day of closing was quite, quite hectic, and we could not have done it without the help of my sweet MIL. Thank goodness she was able to come down and help us out!! We were on time to closing, mostly because of her help.

We are now staying in the house of friends. I started coughing yesterday but today I developed a fever as well. It got up over the magic number (100.5 is the magic number and my fever was 100.8) so I called my oncologist and she asked that I go to the emergency room. I took Captain Adorable, since he started with the same symptoms as me and also had a fever (100.2). We were at the hospital from like 5:45 or so till about 9:45. During that time I had a chest x-ray, a nose swab, a throat swab, my blood pressure and temp taken twice, got an IV (blood taken) and gave a urine sample. They really worked me up. The tests showed my counts are fine, and do not show me as positive for the flu or step. So, I got to leave!

Unfortunately, my little one did not fare as well. The tech who came to do his nose and throat swab was too aggressive and not only hurt him a lot, but also caused quite a fountain of a bloody nose. This after both parents calmly explaining to him what would happen and then it would feel weird but not hurt. Ach. I know she did not mean to, but damn, she could have been a little more gentle and careful. He is only two. (I was careful to control myself and not cry, but I was very close. Sob.)

However, if you want to get good fast service at an emergency room, show up as a cancer patient on chemo with a fever and a child. You will get seen quickly!

Also, weirdly, the chest x-ray showed something we've never seen before. The report says, "Prominence of the ascending thoracic aorta suggest either tortuosity or aneurysm." Uhm, wtf? I'm going to talk to my onc about it and will update when I find out anything.

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