Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun In Tennessee

I am sitting inside, at the dining table. I can see through the glass french doors that Captain Adorable and my Mom are sweeping the patio once again. Well, my Mom is sweeping and the little Captain is happily running around with a broom, but he does not quite have the muscle coordination to sweep yet. He's having a wonderful time, though.

So far today he has been on a little walk (down the driveway and back), scattered corn for the birds who visit my parents' bird feeding station outside the kitchen, and had a ride in the wheel barrow (TONS OF FUN). I don't know how I am going to keep him occupied when we are back home and he can't go wander around in a huge yard like they have here. I guess I will have to take him on walks in local parks...maybe that will work...I kinda doubt it.

I've been seeing a few of my parents' friends and they have been so kind as to inquire about my health. I always give a kind of glum answer. I guess this is because although I seem to be recovering from chemo well and I certainly do not look like a person who recently had chemotherapy and has lung cancer, I am emotionally quite fragile still. My tears are still close to the surface and if I think too much about how frightened I am of the possibility of reoccurance or how angry I am at having been robbed so much already by cancer, they spill out and down my cheeks. I am crying now, just writing the previous sentence, actually. So, if you get a weird or evasive answer when you ask me how I am doing, that is why. I hope you understand. Thank you for asking, though. I really like to feel that people care and support me!

I am still not drinking (water) enough, but I am trying to be more aware of it here at my parents' house. Captain Adorable does not drink enough either and I really do not know what to do about it other than feed him soup all the time. One really good thing is that both my Mom and I think he is gaining weight. He is looking rounder, and more solid. I am looking forward to our next well-baby visit at the pedistrician so we can see how much he has gained and grown. (I think it is in April...)

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