Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Tricks

This photo was taken on March 8, 2008, but I thought it was cute enough to put here for you to have a look at. Captain Adorable had a great time with angel hair (spaghetti) for dinner that night. It was a lot of work to clean it all up, but it sure was fun to watch him play.

Speaking of Captain Adorable, he is up to so many new things I thought I'd make a quick little list for the benefit of this blog.

He now:
Will offer his mouth (if he's in the mood) if asked for a kiss
Will play "gimme five"
Climbs up his high chair at meal time
Climbs from the high chair to the kitchen table if the high chair is next to the table...we're in trouble now!
Has a bigger appetite (eats 5-6 yogurts per day instead of 4)
Has greater control over his pull-along toys
Eats grapefruit
Insists I accompany him for short walks and gets angry if I do not come along!

In addition to all the above, he is gorgeous and sweet and so so smart!

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MAMEFATImdc said...

You 2 are more than cute! Always thinking good momma thoughts for you!