Monday, March 31, 2008

Slightly Scary News

I had my CT scan (with contrast, which meant an IV and anti-allergic medicine for 24 hours prior to the scan...blech to both) today. The nodule in my right lung is a little bigger. This is now the second CT scan since chemo and it is bigger for the second time. It has only increased in size another millimeter or two (the doctor at one point said it was 1 cm and at one point said it was 9 mm), but it has increased. The nodule in the left lung has not changed (did not show change last time either). I am going to have another PET scan (the radioactive one) on Thursday (the earliest I could schedule one). If it lights up on the PET then we will have to decide what to do. Perhaps more lung surgery (oh please no) or perhaps a procedure involving a long needle being inserted into the tumor to freeze or burn it while I am unconscious. At least it looks like I would avoid more chemo for right now.

So, I am scared again, or to be more precise, still...

My parents have to leave on Wednesday (in two days) so my Mom can't look after Captain Adorable while Captain Obvious goes with me to the PET scan. Fortunately, I am very lucky that my MIL can meet me there and help me with it. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you will remember that she went with me to the last one, too. You'll also remember that the PET scan is a CT scan with radioactive glucose injected. Rapidly growing cells in the body (cancers are rapidly growing) "light up" on the scan. The disadvantage of the scan is that I will be slightly radioactive for 20-24 hours after the injection. This means I should not hold Captain Adorable or even be in a small room (or car) with other people. I will be out of the family bed for that night. At least I do not have to worry about pumping and dumping and getting the babe to take a bottle this time.

One good development: I got my hair cut at the "salon" there in the cancer suite. I like it better now and it is better primed for growing out. The bluntness of the bob has been softened. It still looks cute. I also got some special shampoo/scalp treatment (nioxin) to help with my hair loss. I hope that will help to stimulate some regrowth (it has a good reputation). It certainly was not cheap! My oncologist says that it looks like the hair loss, even though it started a month after chemo, is probably from chemo. She checked my thyroid levels and they look good. She is going to talk to an endocrinologist for me as well.

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Wishing you well for Thursday.