Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Playing Outside Is Wonderful

Here is a pic of Captain Adorable having a good time time outside (and you can see the black eye--poor thing!). I hope to figure out how to turn it so it is upright...My little city boy has been cooped up inside all winter long, so he has not had much experience with playing outside. Here at my parents' house Captain Adorable goes outside for a good portion of each day! He is having so much fun with sticks and leaves and brooms and rocks and just plain running around. He has been going for rides in the wheel barrow (he cried when he was finally taken out by a tired grandparent today). He has been learning to negotiate hills and he is now quite proficient at walking up and down rather steep slopes, which was a challenge when we arrived.

He has been eating well (read: a lot) and sleeping well (read: no waking up and crying at night). He has been playing on the slide my parents bought him...but the adults seem a bit more impressed with it than he is. He has even petted and climbed on the dogs. The dogs, of course, are not quite sure that they like being climbed on, but with supervision from an adult, it all works out just fine.

I have been able to leave Captain Adorable in the care of his grandparents because he knows and loves my parents and we all feel totally comfortable with him in their exclusive care for a few hours. I went to have lunch with a couple of dear friends and though I felt guilty for being away from my darling boy for so long, I had a good time socializing. There are no friends like those who knew you when... :)

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