Friday, April 4, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Well once again I am in the position of having both good news and bad news. Once again I am not too happy about the good news because I do not know if it is canceled by the bad news or not.

Good News:
The nodules did not light up on the PET scan.

Bad News
The nodules are indeed bigger.

Only the preliminary report was in and the doctors were a bit confused by this contradiction. On Monday perhaps the final report will be in and perhaps my doctor can tell me more...the nodules are only a centimeter, but they may be big enough to biopsy. I really hope I can escape that procedure. Perhaps we can just wait another 3 months, till the nex scheduled CT scan and see if they are bigger again and then make a decision. That 3 months would give me a little bit of freedom--enough time to enjoy the spring and beginning of the summer--perhaps even enough time to sell this house and buy and move into a new one...


Amy said...

You're in my thoughts, often. I hope the bad news isn't really bad news but just news. You deserve to be healthy and care-free darn it (hugs).

Anonymous said...

Hope you get more clarification along with good news this week. I have been thinking of you a lot this early spring since I recall you called about one year ago when my family was out back planting fruit trees in the early evening. My daughter raced out back to tell me you had mastitis....which then kept seeming to really be something else which finally was your cancer... So, our fruit trees and early spring make me think of you and always I hope the very best for you and your Captains.