Friday, April 11, 2008

Just for the Sake of Clarity

I guess I never made it clear in the past, but I have been to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas already. We went there in late October-early November 2007 in order to get a second opinion. I wrote about the experience at the time, but never said that it was MD Anderson. I really liked the oncologist there (better than my oncologist here) but because the second opinion was almost exactly the same as the first I decided to pursue treatment here in Maryland. I really liked MD Anderson and felt really well treated there. I have not felt poorly treated at Johns Hopkins, where I am being treated now, just a more like a number than I felt at MD Anderson. I also really liked the amount of information I was given at MD Anderson, and the fact that I was introduced to the entire team on my first (and so far, only) visit. I've still never met the social worker at Johns Hopkins (or is the person I am thinking of actually a psychiatric nurse? Not sure, which just proves my point!).

No one has come by to see the house yet. It is a little stressful to keep the place super clean and perfect but manageable so far. :)

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