Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another One!

Well well well check this out! More breaking news from Europe! Someone who has known me since, I suppose since I was in utero, decided to join in the tattoo idea. As you can see from the pic above, she incorporated a rose! :) Isn't it beautiful?!

I am sad to say that today is our last full day on Oahu. Our last day to play here on the North Shore. Captain Obvious rented a surfboard yesterday and he and my SIL and my brother all tried it out. I was sleeping with Captain Adorable, so I missed out on all the fun. (Boohoo!) Surfing is definitely physically demanding, and they were all tired. I think Captain Obvious is getting another surfboard today, so I will have the chance both to try surfing again and to snorkel and play at the beach, since we are all going to hang out together today.

Yesterday evening we all went down to the beach to look at the moon and the stars. You can see so much more of the beauty of the night here than at home in Maryland. (so much less light pollution). I took some pics of the stars and the moon but none of them turned out. It was wonderful to sit on the beach in the dark and hang out with those gorgeous celestial bodies in the sky above, the reflection of the blazing moon moving on the sweet little Captain Adorable even got in the water (just in one of those little pools by the water's edge that are here)! Here's a pic.

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