Friday, September 5, 2008

A Photo From Yesterday

Even though I was worried about Trout, I did go to the beach and enjoy myself. The Captains and I went to the beach close by our rental place (it is right down from Sunset Beach) and the locals call it Mama's Beach because it is shady and has small waves. Both Captain Obvious and I did a little snorkeling (there were lots of pretty fish) while the other one stayed on the beach with Captain Adorable. It was very nice and relaxed. Above is a photo of me and Captain Adorable in the water.


Anonymous said...

I so hope you are as relaxed as you've sounded in all of your vacation posts! Party on woman!

Amina said...

looks idyllic. Hope you're keeping your tattoo covered. I got mine done today ;-) - with lots and lots of love to you