Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Recovering From Surfing Lesson

Here's a pic of me on a surf board. The surfing lesson was fun and it was quite a rush the few times I actually stood on the board! A great way to celebrate my birthday. However, I must admit that it was more physically demanding than I had expected. We had a 2 hour lesson and I went in after 1 hour because my face was getting burned and my shoulders/back were extremely tired and my foot was hurting. I hurt my foot on my first wave ride because I put it down on the bottom into a bunch of coral and it got bruised and cut. Not a great thing to happen when you are trying to use that foot for balancing on a surf board! Don't let my complaints fool you. I had a good time and I am glad I did it. Unfortunately Captain Obvious did not get one with me standing on the board...but my brother caught it on video, so I am looking forward to watching it when we are home.

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KailuaMamatoMaya said...

Yay! You are here - great idea on the surfing lesson ;)

Hope you continue to have an awesome time.