Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bad News From Home: Our Cat Is Missing

We have 2 cats: a small black short haired one (Pigletta) and a large grey long haired one (Trout). Before Captain Adorable showed up they got huge amounts of attention, love, petting, and patience. They are both sweet animals and their company is restful. Since Capt. Adorable's birth they have been rather ignored and pushed to the side, but they continue to be sweet and to seek attention and petting. It is obvious they like to be part of the family. Trout in particular has put up with a lot of abuse at the hands of my curious toddler (who recently had been absolutely determined to sit on the cats...).

Today we received word from the friend stopping by our place mid-week to feed and care for the cats (we also have a friend coming by on weekends) that Trout is missing. She checked the entire house and there was no sign of him. I think that he got outside on the deck on Sunday and my friend must have forgotten him out there. I am afraid he is dead. I love my kitty and I want to help him and I am so far away! This sucks!

We sent our friend a pic of him and she will post Missing Cat posters with a small ($25.00) reward. Perhaps we will find him again. I am afraid to hope, though. I do not want to have my heart broken.

My beautiful, furry, snuggly Troutie!! Please come home!

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