Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Better and Better

Wow this chemo break is so nice! I am feeling better and better. I don't need to take a nap everyday anymore, and while I often go to bed with Captain Adorable, I can also stay up with Captain Obvious from time to time. Which he likes. :)

It has been a little more demanding on me than usual since Captain Obvious has only been home for 5 days out of the last 2.5 weeks, and those were all work days (so no break for me on the weekend). This week he is at a meeting in DC so he has to get up and leave pretty early because of the extra travel time, so we don't even see him till he comes home for dinner. Poor Capt. Adorable has cried many times for his Daddy ("Daddy come home" sobbed into your shoulder/neck will break your heart!). However, I am not really complaining since Capt. Adorable is getting a bit easier to care for by myself. His language is so good that it is easier to figure out what he wants, which makes it easier to care for.

Sigh. He also wants to wear undies (not pull ups) but he still poops in his undies (or diaper, whatever he is wearing at the time). I guess I don't really mind poop in the diaper (though it is gross). However, I do mind poop in undies. I just can't clean anymore poop out of undies. I can't get it on my hands anymore. I can't smell the smell of hot water on poopy undies. I wash my hands twice after one of those and my hands still smell of his poop. I hate it. Twice in a row now when he has pooped in his undies, I just cut them off him and throw them out. We're not going to put undies on that little one for a week or so...or until I see him pooping in the potty!!! I know that wearing undies is much more conducive to potty training than wearing diapers (even pull ups) but he is pretty on target with peeing in the potty (except that he knows it is ok to pee in a diaper...) and I do not mind cleaning up pee undies, since wet undies are a learning tool to teach awareness of wet, but the poop undies do not seem to teach anything except for requiring me to control my temper. I would like for him to wear undies all the time. I know that the diapers are far less comfortable than undies, and Capt. Adorable has complained that the diapers are too hot, and that they hurt his legs. I believe every word, but I am still not willing to clean poop out of undies.

I've been enjoying the complany of friends more and more lately. It sure is nice to feel good enough to leave the house and go on little adventures/outings with Capt. Adorable. I like to see him playing/interacting with other kids. We go out everyday, actually. For the last 3 days in a row he has refused to nap, and has not been so super tough to handle as he was in the past...I hope the nap will still occur from time to time. He is so beautiful when he sleeps...and on those occasions when he wants to cuddle me/fall asleep in my arms are precious and wonderful. I hope I will always remember the feel of his little toddler body (big belly and all) cuddled up against my side as we fall asleep together because I feel him growing up and moving away from cuddling Mommy already!

Don't know when I am supposed to start chemo again. I hope I have another month off to heal and hang out with my sweet little one.

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Amina said...

sounds so good... even the pongy bits ;-)
I wonder if tea tree oil in the washing water would make things less pongy. My niece used tea tree for cleaning diapers when hers were small.
Wonderful that you are less tired and more able to enjoy both captains.
hugs and love