Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big News: Chemo Break

I have been so miserable and tired and sick that my oncologist suggested and I eagerly agreed to taking a break from chemo! Could be 2 months or even as long as 4 months. My most recent CT scan shows no growth again, so this is good news and is also supportive of taking a break now instead of continuing for another 2 cycles (for a total of 6, I've completed 4 so far). I am not even close to being my normal self yet, but the thought that I do not have chemo tomorrow is WONDERFUL! I think if I had to go to chemo tomorrow, I would die.

Instead I can now look forward to feeling better (and maybe finally getting rid of this diarhea) and better for a while. I can look forward to hot sweaty days at the sand pit with Captain Adorable, and maybe a Fourth of July party, and of course a trip to Tennessee to visit Oma and Opa.

In other news, yesterday Captain Adorable requested undies instead of a diaper and got it. He did every pee and poop in the potty! Today he also asked for undies (because they are "nice and soft") and he got alllllmost every pee in the potty...and there has been no poop, so I cannot say what would have happened there. We will see what happens.

Next week Captain Obvious has to be out of town, so the little one and I will be alone. I have the mother's helper coming in the afternoons, so at least I can be assured of a nap everyday. I am, as usual, getting out to do some activity or other every morning, then spending the afternoon napping/snacking/playing. Perhaps while Daddy is gone I should plan an activity for that between getting home time and bedtime that I complained about in the past. Hmmm.

Today was a rainy day, so we ditched our plans to go to the sandpit to meet some friends, and instead joined up with everyone at a local mall where there is a carousel. Three mommies, two 2 year olds, one 3 year old, and two babies under 10 months. :) After our ride, we went to the pet store (you should adopt your pets from a shelter, or buy from a reputable breeder, not a pet store, in my opinion, but never mind the lecture) and had a look at the bunnies and puppies and birds. Then both 2 year olds decided to push their strollers instead of ride in them, but we managed to get to the other side of the mall to the indoor play area, which was crowded but with appropriately-sized kids, so it was ok for a while. Then lunch in the food court (thoroughly unhealthy!), then home...good, simple fun. I laughed, I heard good stories from my friends, I got to observe the children and the way they interact with the world, the mall, and each other.

Captain Adorable is doing a bit of pushing and grabbing lately, and I find it excrutiatingly embarassing but don't know what to do other then I already do, which is immediately correct my son, firmly explain that hitting hurts, we don't hit, and demand that he apologise to the other child. If he does not apologise to the child, I do. On the other hand, I also see other children push him, and their parents do not come running (and neither do I). Sigh. I'm pretty sure that hanging around with other kids will soon teach him that pushing and hitting does not make friends.


Anonymous said...

Great news about the chemo break and it sounds like you had a wonderful day today with the other moms and kids. I think you are handling the 2 1/2 year old "hitting spree" very well. At that age, correct and redirect is really all you can do. Good luck and lots of love.

Old Lady Breadwinner

Anonymous said...

A good scan? Peeing and pooping in the proper place?

Wonderful news and worthy celebrations!

Diana said...


Add to your fun list: a trip to the zoo, Sofía's birthday party, and a pedicure! :D

Diana said...

And oh, by the way - speaking of correcting your child. When baby Sofía grabs cords, we hold her hands and make eye contact and say "No, we don't play with cords". She has become so acustomed to this that we have only to grab her wrists for her to start throwing a back-arching tantrum! And NOW, she has begun to BITE MY HANDS!!!!! With her two ineffectual little tiny teeth! This 10-month-old child is really a 2-year-old! (Actually it's pretty funny right now, maybe I should blog it). :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am happy when I wake up feeling closer to my "normal" too, and I haven't had to go through the treatments you've dealt with. I'm glad you're catching a break and hope you enjoy your summer a little with your Captains.