Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going Camping

We are going camping tonight! Yay! We're going up to western Maryland to a place where we always go. A primitive camp site back in the woods but you can still drive your vehicle up to the campsite, which makes it possible to bring many comforts that one could not carry. I like car camping. :)

I am looking forward to the three of us sleeping in our big old tent on 3 thermarests all next to each other. I can't wait for Capt. Adorable to ride his balance bike up and down the gravel road. I am eager to see the light in his eyes when he sees the campfire. And of course the bedtime/night cuddling is always welcome!

Last night I failed to turn on the monitor. Bad mama! I went downstairs with Captain Obvious (we live in a town house, so going downstairs to the den puts me two flights of stairs away from my little one) and suddenly, at a little before 10, I heard crying. Loud, desperate crying. I RAN up the stairs, and Capt. Obvious ran too and we both arrived in the living room at the same time. There at the top of the stairs was Capt. Adorable, crying loudly with tears streaming down his face. He was very tired, and was able to calm down quickly and go back to sleep as soon as I got in bed with him. He probably woke up, found himself alone and no one was responding to the little noises he makes (because SOMEONE forgot to turn on the monitor) and felt totally abandoned. Well, while we are camping there is no need for a monitor! I'll post when we get back. Perhaps with a pic or two.