Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coincidence Or Fate? (haha)

Yesterday my poor little Captain Adorable was constipated. Badly, badly constipated. I won't go into details, but we were at the zoo and I had to carry my little one out of the exhibit we were in at the time because he would not walk and he would not sit in the stroller. I finally got him to lie down in the stroller and he passed out (fell asleep). When I got home I was still very worried and decided to investigate how best to help. I like Dr. Sears a lot, so I really his advice about constipation in babies and toddlers. One of the things recommended (and I took several of the recommendations) which I did follow, is below:
Make a diagram of the large intestine, showing large "golf balls" of stools at the end of the large intestine. Show your child that voluntarily holding onto his stools makes them harder, and that is why it hurts to pass them.

And we also used a glycerin suppository (another recommendation), which had good results.

Later in the evening, my sweet MIL called and I told her the story above (only with more detail). She exclaimed happily when I mentioned the glycerin suppositories because, as she put it, she had forgotten about those. She thought they'd be the perfect solution to her 86 year old mother's constipation as well.

So, was Capt. Adorable's constipation a coincidence? Or was it fate that he'd be constipated and I'd research the remedy and tell sweet MIL about it?



Hua said...

Hi Rose,

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Rose said...

Hua, yes, drawing the picture was very, very helpful. My son now understands the process of digestion (as much as one can expect from a 2.5 yr old). Now we can discuss the situation and I feel confident that we are on the same page. Thanks for the info about the HealthBlogger network. I will check it out.