Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Evening Walk

Yesterday after dinner we went for a walk down to the lake. There is a dock where you can rent paddle boats on thw weekend. The dock is closed off when the boats are not available, and the boats themselves get chained to the dock. We were there looking at ducks, and there were a bunch of people on the boats. They were kids (I'd say 12 and under) and they were playing on the boats. No one was vandalizing anything, no one was rocking or splashing. On the other hand, they were not allowed to be on those boats and at least one kid was jumping from boat to boat. There was a guy who must have come up behind us because he was not there when we arrived, who was upset about the situation before us. He remarked to his companions, "If I was a good parent, I'd tell those kids to get the fuck off those boats." (I laughed silently at his weird choice of words.)

Yes, he did follow through with his plan and tell the kids to get off the boats and they complied.

Today we went to the National Zoo. It was nice weather (a bit hot) and we had a great time. The Bird House was magnificent!

Captain Adorable and I are headed to Tennessee on Friday. Looking forward to spending time with Oma and Opa.

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Anonymous said...

It seems we all do our best parenting before we have kids, doesn't it? How many times in my childless days did I say "If that was kid, I wouldn't LET him/her (insert typical behavior here)". Certainly jumping from boat to boat is not the safest thing in the world but still....

Have a safe trip and lots of fun in Tennessee! Love, Ms. Breadwinner.