Thursday, July 23, 2009

Three Adorable Stories

Adventure In The Bushes
I think it was the second day we were here, all of us went to visit some family friends and Captain Adorable got to ride on a horse! He was much more impressed by the above-ground pool, though, despite the cool day. Anyhow, on the way home we had to stop in town and we took a curvy little road there. I got terribly car sick and had to lie down when we finally got home. Capt. Adorable for some reason ended up wearing only his diaper and shoes. He was outside playing with the incredibly tolerant cat, Fluffy. Mom put on the kettle to make me a cup of herb tea. It was ready a few minutes later, for a total prep time of 10 minutes or so. At that point, I noticed that Capt. Adorable was gone (so was the cat) and Mom and I started to look for him.

I began to call to him, and we heard his little voice. He sounded calm and I wondered if perhaps I was getting crazy, but we followed the sound of the voice (by this time Dad had joined us) to up behind a couple of storage sheds, where there is a big patch of brambles. Capt. Adorable was standing in the bushes there, obviously unable to get out. He began to cry while we were standing there, and Dad swooped in to rescue him. He was transferred to me as soon as Dad got him out of the bushes, and I was reassured that the tears were more about fear than pain, though Oh Me Oh My he was covered in scratches! Once he calmed down enough for us to ask him questions, he told us that he had followed the cat into the bushes, and then he couldn't get back out again. He also said he cried while he was in the bushes, but as I said, he was not crying when we found him there. Quite the little adventure! And of course the scratches on his body were more prevalent because he was wearing only a diaper and shoes.

Problem Solving
At the end of the day, Mom was showing me that her little toe, which we both think she broke a few months ago now, when she was at our house, was swollen. I looked, saw that it must indeed hurt, and commiserated with her. She told me that it was swollen because she had gone barefoot all day. Captain Adorable of course heard the conversation and disappeared into the house. A few minutes later he emerged, carrying Mom's shoes. How sweet is that? And also cool since he heard that she had a problem and he figured out how to solve it!

Mommy's Cancer
My sweet little son has a lovey (aka a security blanket). It is my arm. He insists on holding it and petting it and rubbing his teeth on it and feeling my arm hairs with his lips at bed time, in the morning when he wakes up, and sometimes at other moments throughout the day. This morning again he told me that it was his arm. I protested that it was my arm, as it is attached to my body. He told me that he would cut it off with scissors. Then he added he'd cut my nose off with scissors as well. You see, someone taught him the take off your nose and hide it game and we've had to put up with this behavior, I mean play the game, ever since. Sometimes when he is feeling particularly frisky, he will pretend to eat your nose! Anyhow, he did not go into the nose game and instead told me that he was going to "eat all Mommy's cancer." I thought it was very sweet since he knows cancer makes me sick and he wanted to get rid of it completely for me (and probably for himself, too).

I love my sweet little Captain Adorable. He's had a marvelous time here in Tennessee but we are both looking forward to going home and being reunited with Captain Obvious tomorrow. We will be back!

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