Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't Want To

I don't want to have cancer anymore.

I don't want to have chemo anymore.

I don't want to have a CT scan on August 5.

I'm running out of time to be free. Soon it is back to fear and IVs and poison. I am currently hoping that I can keep Captain Adorable with me, away from daycare. Perhaps I am fooling myself...


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, honey.

Perhaps not a daycare setting for the little Captain but maybe a preschool-type program? Evan really thrived in his 2.5 hours per day class three days a week. I think it was the perfect intro to school. Not too long to miss home and "daddy time" but long enough to give him some freedom and socialization away from our nest.

Breadwinner with lots of love!

Kayleigh said...

Oh my, I do so feel for you! I am going to be having my surgery soon and am dreading how this will affect my youngest (2.5)...and I haven't even let myself think of chemo to follow.

This is hard. But as an AP mom you no doubt are already giving your little one sooooo much love that I truly believe the bond will carry you both thru. Still, I think I know how you feel, how you worry. Me too :(

Will be wishing you and your family well -- hang in there!