Saturday, January 14, 2012

No Yeast (Fungal) Infection!!

On the stretcher just outside the CT room. Ready to get this done!
As you know if you've been reading this blog for  while, I develop a yeast infection on my skin at the surgical site every single time I have a surgical procedure. I even have to make sure to ask for a prescription before the surgery because I know it will happen. (I am allergic to miconazole, which is the yeast infection medicine you can buy over the counter, so I have to get a prescription).

This time, as I mentioned this to the nurse before going in to the procedure room, she asked why I get the infection. I told her that I think it is from the cleaning solution used to prep for surgery. After some discussion, she said that she thinks it is a reaction to the self-contained surgical scrub tool which contains chlorhexidine and asked if I had the same reaction to betadine. I had a couple of surgeries as a teenager, before doctors started using chlorhexidine and never had a fungal infection after one of those. She suggested that we ask the doctor if we can use betadine this time. He agreed and guess what?!?! No Yeast Infection!

So, I read up a little on chlorhexidine and it is somewhat scary sounding. So much of what I end up getting on me or in me sounds scary, though...but anyhow, the thing that sounds most scary to me is this article in which JHH recommends bathing in the stuff! (Read it to understand who and why.) It is also used, as chlorhexidine gluconate, as a mouth wash. It is recognized that it is not effective against fungal infections. Therefore I think that my hypothesis is correct--I think that the chlorhexidine kills all the good bugs but leaves the bad bugs, which then grow without check on my skin.

Thank you to that wonderful nurse for figuring this out for me. I will ask for betadine instead of chlorhexidine for every subsequent surgery from now on. I will be thinking of her every single time.


Diana said...

Hey awesome! Isn't it nice when something like that gets figured out? And I know you're prepped for surgery and all, but you look beautiful in that pic. :)

Rose said...

I was amazed that someone from the medical establishment 1) believed my hypothesis and 2) had the knowledge to help me to fix the problem! :) They do exist, perhaps like fairies and angels--the few, the amazing: knowledgeable, trusting, and nice!

As to the photo, I would not have labelled it as beautiful, but thank you! I posted it because it shows me with IV in place, hospital bracelet and allergy bracelet around my wrist, tired face, but I am there: still fighting.

mamefati said...

Yay for nurses! I also agree that you are so stunning in the photo!
Always sending you lots of good wishes, beautiful momma!

Erin Pitts said...

Yah for medical professionals who think outside the box! Hugs and Love

alexis224 said...

I am going to read the articles you linked to, but I am just catching up on your posts because I haven't read any since last week, so will go back to read those. But I just had to add a comment that GIRL YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! Are you even kidding me? Avery says that you look like sleeping beauty with your hair all fanned out and a look of angelic serenity on your beautiful mug.
P.S. I enjoyed the "Poop" spelling story too. I asked Avery to label her toy bins the other day, and I came back in her room to find the bin of fake food boldly labeled "FUD."