Thursday, February 21, 2008


A few days ago I was at one of those warehouse club stores and I bought a big plastic clamshell of blueberries. I thought Captain Adorable would love them. I was wrong. When you give him blueberries, he just crushes them between his fingers! No eating at all.

This morning I wanted to have blueberries with yogurt for breakfast. After I fed Captain Adorable his yogurt, I went about preparing mine. I took about half of the remaining blueberries out of the container, which I left on the counter while I turned to wash the berries I was about to put in my yogurt. When I turned around, there were blueberries all over the floor! I guess there is no denying that Captain Adorable is tall enough now to reach things which are close to the edge of the counter.

The funny thing was, I had to put Capt. Adorable out of the kitchen and put up the baby gate to keep him out while I cleaned up the blueberries. He was not eating them but he was so interested in them he was squashing them with his hands and feet while he tried to grab others. He was NOT happy about being shut out to the kitchen! Oh well, I couldn't let him just squash them all, now could I?

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