Friday, February 22, 2008

Naptime is Important!

I did not nap with Captain Adorable this morning. Instead I read The Absolute Sandman Volume II. I regret that now, because I am very tired. I took the babe along on a couple of errands today and he fell asleep in the car on the way home. As soon as I saw he was asleep, I knew this was bad because I cannot get him out of the car without waking him up and once he has had a little bit of a nap, he will not go back to sleep. Plus, I was planning to try to get him to nap with me on the futon since Captain Obvious is working on the master bathroom and therefore the master bedroom was not a good place to sleep.

He was in an ok mood all afternoon, but towards evening his mood became really bad. I finally insisted he get a little shut-eye in my lap in the glider. Once he stopped fighting me (not very long) he went right to sleep. I woke him up at 6:00 (he went to sleep at about 5:20 or so) because I did not want to interfere with his bedtime. This made for a nice quiet half hour or so, but I (of course) did not sleep. I am not very tired and would like to go to sleep, so I will go to bed very soon.

Tomorrow will also be challenging with the naps because Captain Obvious will still be working on the bathroom. I will have to figure out how to get these naps taken care of, for both Captain Adorable and for me!

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