Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update Time!

Co-Sleeping Update
Both Captains and I are happily sleeping in one family bed these days. The snoring seems to have either abated or we've gotten used to it again...either way, it is wonderful to all sleep together again finally. Also, I should mention that one of the reasons I loved co-sleeping so much in the beginning is because it made nursing at night So Much Easier than if I had to get up, go to another room, et cetera. When you co-sleep you can just make sure the baby latches and go back to sleep! (Assuming you are able to nurse in the sided-lying position, which is a key skill to learn!)

Captain Adorable Update
Capt. Adorable is more and more active and adventurous. He walks backwards and sideways with ease and confidence now. He also walks forwards at a pretty good rate--good enough to walk in a mall on a weekend and not cause too much of a traffic problem, anyhow. Yesterday we took him to a playground with lots of slides. He loved them and actually started going headfirst (his choice!) down one that he particularly liked. Yes, there was a parent at the bottom to catch him! :) It was really cute to see the excitement on his face when I was the one at the bottom and it was exciting to see the way he launched himself into the slide from the top when I was at the top with him. He had a bit of a stomach virus and wasn't eating well for a couple of days, but he is all better now, thank goodness. I think I am almost over the stomach virus, too (which I caught from him, of course).

Update on Next Cancer Scan
My next scan is on March 31. I am dreading it already. I have to have an IV because my oncologist wants the scan with contrast this time. I am also allergic to intravenous iodine (the contrast agent) and so I have to take prednisone starting 2 days before the scan to prevent an allergic reaction. I have a strong physical reaction to even thinking about scans and other procedures associated with cancer/chemotherapy, so taking the prednisone for 2 days beforehand will be quite unpleasant for me. I hope it is worth it and I can go back to having scans without contrast because having it with contrast is really asking a lot of me. Then again, sometimes I wish I had agreed to having a PET scan before I had lung surgery because then we would have known it was cancer beforehand and I would not have put off surgery...or would I have? It was nice to have those last few weeks of thinking everything was ok...my birthday celebration last year will be the last one I will ever have without the cancer cloud over my head. Sorry, feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Update on Travel
The Captains and I are going to New Orleans soon to visit another family we know. They have 2 girls: one is about a year older than Captain Adorable and one is 3 weeks younger than him. Should be fun to see how they interact. :) It will be very interesting to see New Orleans again. Last time I was there was before Hurricane Katrina. I've seen several documentaries about the aftermath of the hurricane, but I would like to see the place with my own eyes.

And finally...not an update, more like a complaint
It bugs me a lot that my darling husband's family does not mention me when they talk about my husband. For instance, they will say things like, "Captain Obvious is coming to visit," when in reality, the people coming to visit are Captain Obvious, Captain Adorable, and me! I mean, saying that once or twice doesn't bother me, but the fact that it is said everytime is what gets me. The other one that got to me recently was, "Captain Obvious has decided to sell his house." Now, firstly, I own this house just as much as Captain Obvious, so it is OUR house, not his and not mine. Secondly, he did not decide to sell it, WE decided to sell it. Yes, I am deeply involved in decisions that are made concerning my family's future. I would like my role to be acknowledged. Perhaps it is just a mindless habit, but you'd think after being together with me for 8 years and married to me for 5 his family would speak about us as a couple instead of as though he were still single. Yes, it hurts my feelings.

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