Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ablation Delayed

Well, the good news is I got to come home to my own bed tonight. The bad news is that the ablation was delayed. It has been rescheduled for 2 weeks from today. The reason it was delayed is my white blood cell count was up (almost 23,000)--this is indicative of an infection--so the ablation count not go forward as planned today. The doctors think I might have an undetected UTI, pneumonia, or perhaps a bone marrow infection prompted by chemotherapy. The doctor asked for additional tests to be done on my blood (more about that in a minute), a "clean catch" urine sample, and a CT with contrast (since I had already pre-medicated (Prednisone, which is not terrible but certainly not fun).

I had no elevated temperature, but with a white cell count that high there is infection somewhere. As of 5:28 this evening, additional the blood tests had not been run, so the doctor said that I might have to come in tomorrow to have another blood draw. The CT showed nothing had changed since the last CT (so I guess no pneumonia), and he did not even mention the urine test, so I am guessing this means no UTI. Hopefully the blood tests will get run and I will not have to go in tomorrow, although it will be more convenient than usual since I will be able to leave Captain Adorable with my parents while I make the 45-each-way drive up and back.

I was so happy to come home to my beautiful Captain Adorable and play in the backyard with him and my parents! I know I am not off scot-free, but oh it was soooo nice to come home. The tech who tried to do my IV in the radiology office (to prepare me for the ablation) messed up and hurt me and now I have a swollen, bruised IV site in my left wrist. It hurts. I was freaked out and cried. Captain Obvious cried too. I guess we were both up against that brick wall of reality and reality is scary sometimes. Anyhow, the nurse who did my IV for the CT did such a great job I barely felt it!!! I will ask for that woman in the future, let me tell you!


alicia said...

I found your blog through MDC...thinking of you (hug)

2inAugust (from MDC) said...

I'm glad you are back home. I hope the two weeks gives you time to knock down the infection and feel better about the procedure.