Sunday, May 25, 2008

Getting Ready Again

Well the results of the blood test taken last week indicate that there was/is no infection. The elevated blood cell count was a result of the steroids. Blah. Now I have to gear up again for this procedure. Get to again take the steroids in preparation. Yay. The ablation is on (May 29) Thursday, so I start the steroids on Wednesday.

In other news, I want to start some early potty learning with Captain Adorable and have already managed to get him to poop in the toilet once! As soon as the library is open on Tuesday (and after I go have more blood drawn for the pre-ablation tests), I am going to get myself a library card and check out the book Diaper-Free Before 3 by Jill M. Lecovic. I have talked to several moms who did EC (Elimination Communication) and early potty learning and I am ready to go for it. I have a friend whom I will call Ms. Resourceful, and her daughter is 2 months younger than Captain Adorable. I was quite impressed by that little one's ability to indicate a need to use the potty and if she can do it, surely Captain Adorable can! I also have a friend (Mrs. Breadwinner) whose child has not even started potty learning and he will be 3 in August! I hope that with some effort on my part, we can get rid of diapers before Captain Adorable (17 months on June 6) is 24 months.

I will start that process after the ablation. I want to read the book completely first.

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