Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Second Try At The Alabtion

My Mom arrived today. Captain Adorable was on the deck alone (because he ran out there when I started to prepare to change the poopy diaper he had just created). I was inside calling him and calling him--he always comes and I prefer that to chasing him. This time he did not come. Why? Because my Mom drove up and HE RECOGNIZED HER CAR!! She saw him outside and saw him smile and beeped at him. She said he was on his way inside (responding to my calls) but when she beeped, he came back to the railing. When I heard the beep I went out to the deck, figuring it was her. I picked him up and he was soooooo excited. Once she came in he ran all around the house, showing her things (flowers, the train, et cetera). When she wanted to go outside to her car to bring in her things, he could not let her go, so she took him out with her. (Which meant she could not carry much back, so the next couple of trips I held him and we watched her from the deck.)

Perhaps it is her visit, or perhaps it is just the moment for him, but there has been an explosion of words today! Since she has arrived, I have heard him say "apple," which he was saying before, but not as clearly; "vo," for avocado; and "ba" (with hands on chest and a little rubbing/washing action just like Captain Obvious taught him to do) for bath. I am amazed. Amazed.

Captain Obvious and I have been watching Deadwood (on DVD) again. Last night we watched Season One episode called "No Other Sons Or Daughters" and in that episode, Reverend Smith's illness, which is caused by a brain tumor, is getting worse. He has seizures and he thinks that his flesh is rotting because he smells it (no one else does). The doctor finally tries to examine him (the Reverend has not wanted to be examined) and the following exchange takes place. I am quoting this here because this (both sides of the quote) is sometimes how I feel.

Reverend Smith "As long as He wills, this must be my part. To be afraid as well."
Doctor Cochoran "If this is His will, Reverend, He is a son of a bitch."

The second try at the ablation is on Thursday, May 29, at noon. I do feel a bit calmer about it than last time...but I'd still rather not go. Hopefully I will come home and not have to stay in the hospital.

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Anonymous said...

That quote is going in my favorite quotes file.

Captain Adorable is certainly living up to his name!

I hope today went well for you.