Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dancing and Talking

I think I have neglected to post that Captain Adorable dances now! :) He seems to respond to almost all music, but there are certain artists that get a quicker response (so far he really responds to Ozomatli and the Gipsy Kings). He puts his legs wider than hip width apart and starts bending his knees, doing an exaggerated up and down movement. He's recently added some arms movements. His dancing is so, well, adorable!

He also has a lot to say. Yes, most of what he says is toddler language, but more and more words are English. We were at my sweet MIL's house for SIL's high school graduation party (she was valedictorian--how awesome is that?!) and MIL remarked on how Captain Adorable was talking a lot. And you know, she was right! He says TONS of stuff now:
- mama
- dadee (or just dee)
- waa (for water)
- faa (for flower)
- faa (for fan)
- dog
- dik (or something like that: means stick)
- toes
- cat (sounds like gaa)
- whoa (when surprised or intrigued)
- book
- bird
- buhh (means bus or truck)
- bubbles
- faa plus pointing equals shower
- hot
- shoe
- bye bye
- toot toot (he says this when he is on his rocking train)

There are more but I can't think of them all now! (I have been adding more as I think of them.) He also understands more and more each day. You can ask him to bring you things now and more than likely, he will bring what you have requested. :) He can identify various body parts on mama, dadee, and himself (though he seems not to have a nose, hehe).

We tried going pee pee on the potty (toilet with me holding his back) this afternoon but nothing happened. Ah well, it is early days yet.

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Amina said...

in olden days when we went around in horse and cart, you would put a potty (little plastic thing you tip over by accident) next to the toilet so little one could try to pee when mom went to pee.
I can imagine that small person on toilet would be scared they would call in; the proportions are so vast.
good luck with everything
thinking of you with love,