Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feeling Sad

I recently was in the situation of admitting to myself and to Captain Obvious that I am, despite outward appearances, still very, very, very, very, very, very sad. If you confine your crying to times when no other adults see you it doesn't count, right? I do not like to cry in front of Captain Adorable, so I try to hide it or cut it short when he is around, so everyday.

I find lately that people I used to really like seem different to me now and people that I may not have appreciated so much in the past are more and more important. Nothing beats the simple pleasure of having a tasty meal with people you love. DeeLux made me so happy by sharing a meal with our family the other night and Ms. Resourceful (as always) cheered me so much (even caught myself laughing!) when I visited her place yesterday.

It really is all about LOVE, isn't it?


Amina said...

It's all, all about love.
In the end what else is important?

superstella said...

Rose, I really get what you mean. I'm in a very similar situation and try not to let my kids see how sad I am, how sick I am, how worried I am... It isn't fair to them, they shouldn't have to deal with this at all. :-(