Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oncologist Incommunicado

I correspond with my oncologist via email quite frequently. This suits me fine, as I am a written-word type person and I prefer to email to phone (except in some cases). She also seems to like email as a communication medium, and replies very quickly. However, this time it is not working. I emailed her a rather important batch of information (concerning my desire to join a clinical trial at NCI/NIH) on Sunday night. It is now Thursday morning and I have not heard anything from her. Yesterday I sent an email asking if she had received my email from Sunday. No reply to that either.

Now I am worried. Has she written me off? Is she angry with me? I need her to order various tests and facilitate the transfer of various slides and tissue. And actually, if I get sck, like Bits of Myself did recently, I need her to care for me. And every day that we delay is ANOTHER day that the cancer in my lungs grows. Yes, I know I delayed for a while myself, but she wasn't knocking on my door with treatment options during that time.

I am scared. I am going to call today and see if I can get anywhere amongst the maze of recordings.

Maybe she's on vacation?

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AP said...

She definitely needs to be hunted down. She also needs to give you an explanation for the delay. Maybe it's because I'm the child of scientists, but I'm really assertive about health care. That woman has a duty to you. If you can, please do keep us posted.