Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I have excellent memories of celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and I am lucky enough to have my darling parents here in my house to celebrate with me and my little family this year. I am also pleased that my friend Steadyhands and her husband and daughter are coming over to share the meal with us. We put the extra leaf in the table and I have my Grandma's (non-)china and silver out! OK, it turns out that I do not have any table cloths long enough for the table at its full length, so I had to use blue and white place mats with the piunk and white plates. But I think it looks good. There are pink tipped roses on the table in a blue vase, so hopefully that will kind of pull it together. I guess it does not really look like a Thanksgiving (or fall) table, but I am kind of a minimalist when it comes to decorations of any kind, so this is right up my alley. I do with the roses wouldn't look so lopsided...maybe I will go do something about that.

I stareted cooking yesterday. I made a butternut squash galette and an apple pie. I think both came out well. I intend to serve them both at room temperature. I am now simmering cranberries for sauce, which will also be served at room temperature. We are planning to serve at 4:00, so I have less than 2 hours to get the mashed potatoes and the sweet potatoes cooked and in their serving dishes. Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Mandie said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your table sounds lovely!