Monday, December 1, 2008

Devastated and Angry

Well, after much communicating with the oncologist and her nurse practitioner at JHH, I received notice that the pathology department had lost my block and so the KRAS test has not even been started. I have been waiting for these results for WEEEEEEKS and each time I asked about it was promised once again that it would take two weeks.

So now the problem is that since we've been waiting for so long to get these results, the study that held the most promise for me will likely be full before we get the results. I just heard from the contact nurse at NCI and that is exactly what she told me.

Thanks for fucking me in the ass, Johns Hopkins. Thanks so very very much.


AP said...

This cannot be the last effort from the JHU oncologist. It's her or her institution's fault that the tests are late and that CANNOT result in the loss of a study slot for you. That's absurd.

Do you have someone to advocate for you with these people? Do you feel up to doing that?

Anonymous said...

The study would fill up that fast?

I hope that if this door closes- another better one will open for you.

Amina said...


mamefati said...

wow, I am not one to curse on people's blogs but..those assholes! I am so pissed about that. it is just yet another example of how dissapointed I am in the medical establishment. Total B.S.
What can we do for you?
Could a lawyer do anything?
Can we all write and complain and tell them how much they suck?
Post addresses now!

Sullivans said...

Unbelievable. Actually, no its not. Its sickening though. Did you use the word "attorney" when speaking to them? Maybe they would have magically found the results, or maybe something could get pushed through sooner... just thinking out loud.