Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Findings and More Tests

The findings of the endoscopy show "A few small erosions...in the lower third of the esophagus. Biopsies were taken with a cold forceps for histology." (Must be why my throat is sore!) "The Z-line was mildly irregular and was found 36 cm from the incisors. Biopsies were taken with a cold forceps for histology. There were no esophageal mass lesions found." No idea what the Z-line is--I shall have to ask. And again, must must be why my throat is sore. At least my stomach and duodenum were normal.

The findings portion of the colonoscopy report (in part) says, "a sessile polyp was found in the rectum seen on retroflexion. The polyp was 4mm in size. The polyp was removed with a cold forceps. Resection and retrieval were complete. Specimen sent for histology." Yum.

The NCI nurse called me today to let me know that they are scheduling me for 2 more tests: an upper GI with small bowel follow through and a mammogram. I can't wait. (Um, not.)

Now, my sweet Captain Obvious was left with 100% of the toddler care for two days, essentially, but damn I did a lot of clean up today. In fact, I did four loads of laundry, ran the dishwasher, emptied the dishwasher, took down the recycling and trash, hand washed a whole bunch of dishes since the top rack of our dishwasher seems to be broken, cooked lunch, made bread (easy--just put the ingredients in the bread maker), went grocery shopping, and cooked dinner. Plus I was alone with my sweet little Captain Adorable. Honestly, I don't understand why Capt. Obvious can't even get the dishwasher cleaned out when he takes care of the little one 100%...oh well, I guess I have a method and he doesn't...Captain Adorable is pretty overwhelming...even my Mom can do nothing but take care of him when she is 100% in charge.

My poor little Captain Adorable had diarhea today, so he woke up with a (cloth) diaper full of poop (great way to wake up, let me tell you), and then several other pairs of undies (poor guy just couldn't help it!) until I finally found the last two disposable diapers in the house. I needed to put cream on Capt. Adorable's bum because that poop (even with immediate changes and washing with water and gentle soap only) caused red bumps on his sweet little butt and I think you are not supposed to use cream with cloth diapers. Anyhow, the first one he happily peed in (and told me he did so). Then we took a nap. I let him sleep in his bed with a bare butt since I thought that would help his skin heal. I woke up before him and watched him till he woke up a few minutes later, and went to pick him up to discover that he had peed and pooped in his bed. UGH! So, I had to wash him and then wash the sheet and the mattress pad...blech, let me tell you. I put him in another diaper and I was glad I had done so because very soon after there was another load! I had to put him in undies then because we were out of diapers, but when we went to the grocery store I bought some more disposable diapers. No more since then, thank goodness. He seems to feel fine and he has no fever. I told Capt. Obvious that he is not allowed to take Capt. Adorable out for barbeque Ever Again.

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Hoping the New Year brings you more hope and health than you can imagine!